1. I haven't received an e-mail to confirm my registration.

We kindly ask you to check the entered data (e-mail and password) and fill in all the necessary fields of registration form. 

In addition, we ask you to check Spam or Junk Mail folders as confirmation e-mails can be sent there. 

Please, make sure that your e-mail box is not overfilled and can receive mails.

If everything is filled in correctly but there is still no email, please, click on  "Forgot your password?"
and enter your e-mail that is linked to your account, then click on the "Send" button. 

After that, please check your e-mail for the instructions on how to change your password. In case of any difficulties contact us again.

2. How do I register?

At present, it is impossible to register without a sponsor. You must register through a sponsor's referral link.

3. Withdrawing bonuses from your personal account:

To withdraw bonuses from your Dashboard, you need to create a virtual wallet on the Plisio.net platform and then contact our support team. You can also receive your bonus as Picnic USD PUSD a stable coin that is one to one with the US dollar.

The payout of bonuses is available only to verified partners.

The payout of your available commissions into Plisio account is possible from dollars upwards, but you call sell out your PUSD (e-wallet balance) to any willing member.

Please, for payout send us a covering letter:

From the e-mail address you use for your PicnicLife login

To: support@picniclifeinternational.com Payout request.

Text of the email: "I, FULL NAME / Refnr (Sponsor Link) / e-mail in the system, apply for payout of commissions amounting X,XXX dollars to my Plisio account: E XXXXXXXXXX Hereby I confirm that the indicated account is mine and only I have access to it. Best Regards, FULL NAME"

If you have a problem or questions, please contact support via your Dashboard or from your e-mail address under: support@picniclifeinternational.com

4. Can I buy your products for someone else?

You cannot purchase products for third parties - the contributor and the recipient must be the same person. 

There are several exceptions to this rule:

- parents purchasing products for their children;

- spouses purchasing products for each other;

- companies purchasing products for their employees.

5. Can I get a refund on the funds deposited to pay for my PicnicLife Network Use-Case account?

Funds deposited into PicnicLife Network Use-Case account can only be used to purchase Network Use-Case product. 

6. What should I do if my purchase is not reflected in my personal cabinet?

If more than 24 hours have passed since your payment, please get in touch with our support service

7. Which payment systems do you work with?

You can make payments using various payment systems: Plisio, Payeer, PUSD (PicnicLife USD).

8. What happens with my money when I purchase a pack? How can the company pay for all of this?

As in any other enterprise, the proceeds are used by the company to build its infrastructure, for new products and their development, for marketing, research and new technologies, for training employees and much more, which ensures the company's competitiveness in the market. The company is working to expand into international markets and to provide its products with a reliable guarantee.

9. Is PicnicLife Network Use-Case a pyramid scheme?

Definitely not, and this has already been confirmed by legal experts. 

Their legal assessment clearly determined that the PicnicLife Network Use-Case Package sales system is legitimate and does not contravene the definitions of S16 of the Unfair Competition Act (UWG). 

Pyramid schemes always provide products with a constantly increasing price during the sales process, which is not the case here. 

There is also no obligation to attract new partners. Additionally, real products are offered in the form of packages for education purposes and new PicnicVerse tokens are giving from stage 2 in the business development plan.

That is, the company provides real and available products in the market.

10. What guarantees can the company provide?

With PicnicLife International Business School compensation plan you have access to earn PicnicVerse tokens and stake them in the PicnicSwap Exchange staking or farming pools earning 19% to 29.2% APY on your staked tokens.

 11. What exchanges support PicnicVerse token trade?

PicnicVerse tokens trade on the popular trading platform, called Picnicswap Decentralized Exchange; there are plans to get listed on other exchanges in the near future.

12. How can I contact the Company's support service?

You can do it from the "Support" section in your dashboard or write your messge directly to support@picniclifeinternational.com

13. Safety Rules

We kindly ask you to follow these simple safety rules:

- Install professional antivirus software on the device you enter your personal account from and on the device your wallet is installed on

- Keep all codes and passwords in a safe place, do not use cloud services or autofill functions, reject offers to save your password in browsers

- Do not give access to your device to anyone, including family and friends.

- Before you open any web page, make sure you know it and it is safe to open

- Before opening any emails, make sure they are from people you know and are virus-free.

If you suspect that your account or mail has been compromised, change your account and e-mail passwords without delay and report about that to the support team: support@picniclifeinternational.com.

14. General rules

1. During the registration, the user gives his consent to the conclusion of the agreement with the company. The conclusion of the agreement is possible with a legal entity, partnership or natural person, if he/she/the representative of the legal entity is over 18 years old, who is an entrepreneur according to the current legislation and has the right to conduct business activities.

2. The user has the right to own only one account (the user has the right to occupy only one position in the commissions payment procedure; it is prohibited to circumvent this rule by registering as a natural person and additionally as a legal person or a partnership).

3. The user has no right to sell or transfer his/her account to another person. (Exception in clause 4)

4. PicnicLife International may provide written permission for transfer of account ownership in accordance with the law or by special request.

5. In order to withdraw the commissions and PicnicVerse token, the user must be verified.

6. Relatives and spouses being in the same structure can not use the same residence address during the verification of the account, the address must be different.

7. The user cannot change his/her sponsor.