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about us

Picnic Life International Business School, is an emerging global multi-level marketing giant.


We are young, younger than most multi-level marketing companies and network or direct sales firms, in most nations of the world. Yet our contribution to the development of financial education, wealth, health, wellness and financial technology revolution industry beats every record of most others in our sphere of market. With a humble beginning and a challenging environment, our acts of love, network, teaching and honesty have helped us build a great multi-level marketing firm that creates a tremendous wealth, from high level financial education using the latest of financial technology resources available today. Given a few more years, we would be able to create a new society where dream are achieved with peace of mind and reverence to God.

Picnic Life International is led by a team of astute financial education trainers and networkers whose drive is to help people achieve their dreams and contribute positively to human development. With Picnic Life International, you can “mind your own business” from the comfort of your home or wherever you are and eventually sack your boss if you will.

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Financial Education


The world economy is going through great financial crisis, people are going through financial hardship as a result. People are losing control, the world economic system is spinning out of control, the good old days seems to be vanishing fast out of sight. Greed is the catalyst for this crisis, but Picnic Life Int’l offers a new way to deal with old problems, the way of financial education Picnic Life International will help you realize that the CURRENT-FINANCIAL CRISIS WILL END, IT IS TEMPORARY, BUT YOU GET TO DECIDE WHEN IT ENDS!

Business Model

Picnic Life International helps you to “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS” (that is to own your own business). You will be your own boss, have control over the number of hours you put to work, enjoy passive income. And you will become eventually financially free. Picnic Life International educational e-learning products and tested business development opportunities are exactly everybody’s dream-educational learning opportunity creating robust positive cashflow and financial freedom. You make money simply by sharing this opportunity with others.

Why Picnic Life International Structure

Picnic Life International is structured as a network marketing company or multi-level marketing company (MLM). The unilevel structure of Picnic Life is designed with your success as its primary purpose.

Instead of paying conventional agencies, thousands of dollars, we reward you instead to share Picnic Life International business opportunity with others.

This Picnic Life International marketing plan offers you tremendous advantages that traditional business cannot offer:

  • You learn to own and mind your own business
  • You are trained (Picnic Life International Business School) and the financial education you receive helps you eliminate risks, and there are no overhead running cost.
  • No salary cap
  • You earn passive income.
  • A network marketing business is new and revolutionary way to achieve wealth.

We are really business school for the people, who love helping other people. The Business of the Information Age Era.

We are an education system designed to draw out the rich person in you.

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