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Picnic Life, has a research team in Africa, Asia, Europe and America which takes advantage of financial technology solutions, distributed ledger technology to solve practical every day problems and health-care challenges.

Our goal is to solve medical, health-care and everyday problems for the teaming population who are yet to access the latest of the best health care solution, technology, and this we hope to achieve using financial education as the major means to this end.

Picnic Life International is thus, a PICNIC LIFE BUSINESS SCHOOL, a wholly online academic learning centre. Our products, are our learning and resource materials made purely of e-learning resources. Our marketing or compensation plan provides business associates (networkers with lasting wealth).

Picnic Life Int’l understand that jobs are temporary. It is only a career, and that you can lose it. With a career depending on job alone, “your whole career can actually collapse”.

In an ever changing world, your job and skill can easily go obsolete.

  1. Stop depending on your job…..
  2. There is no future in any job …
  3. The future is inside you …
  4. Think beyond your job!
  5. Think PICNIC … WITH PICNIC, you will not panic.
  6. PICNIC LIFE…. Life beyond your job!
  7. PICNIC LIFE…. Welcome to the future!
  8. PICNIC LIFE…. The future is now!

Picnic Life International offers you the power of a positive response, your response is more important than your experience.

If you have lost your job, do not panic “GO PICNIC” and stop waiting for hand-outs. Join our team of successful business people and enjoy life after the test.

Welcome to the future ….


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